Free Try It Classes

January 1-6
Tuesday – 6:30pm ROCfit Warrior
Wednesday – 5:30pm Scramblers, 6:30pm TRX/Bodyweight-Kettlebell Combo, 6:30pm Bouldering Basic
Thursday – 6:30pm Co-Ed Bouldering
Saturday – 11:30am Parkour Explore for Kids ages 8-13


Clinics & Workshops

Ladies, do you want to get strong but not sure where to start?  Learn the proper way to perform basic barbell movements such as barbell squat, deadlift, and bench press.  Learn how to properly warm up for these movements and get a great workout.
Jan. 26 or Feb. 23 – 5:30-6:30pm
Fee: $10 Member $17 Nonmember

Competitors face off in groups and “route set”.  The winner moves on the next round in this tournament style climbing battle.
Jan. 14 or Feb. 11 – 12-1pm
Fee: $10 Member $17 Nonmember


Special Events
Boulder Bash
March 3 at 10am
A new breed of bouldering competition.  Pre-register for a t-shirt.  Day of event registration begins at 9am.  Competition starts at 10am.
Pre-Reg: $25     Day of Reg: $30