Fall Class Information
**Classes will run on a session basis unless specified
Fall 1 Session: September 11 – October 29 (7 Weeks)
Fall 2 Registration: Members~October 11/ Nonmembers~October 18
Fall 2 Session: Ocotber 30-December 17 (7 Weeks)

PILATES (Fall 2)
Pilates remains one of the most popular forms of exercise in the fitness industry. Designed to train the novice to the advanced athlete, Pilates exercises work to strengthen and tone muscles, improve posture, increase core strength, provide flexibility and balance and create a more streamlined shape. It can improve coordination, reduce stress, improve mental focus and foster an improved sense of well-being. The exercises are easy to follow and can be done anytime, anywhere, with little to no equipment.
Wednesdays  7:00pm-8:00pm
Fee: $35 Member    $50 Nonmember

ROCfit WarriorA Spartan-type of workout with a Spartan Certified Coach!
Tuesdays 6:30pm-7:30pm
Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm

Fee: $30 Member  $50 Nonmember

Parkour Fundamental is a opportunity to learn and practice parkour techniques under the guidance of qualified coaches. recROC has partnered with Parkour Generations Lancaster to offer an accessible class that will challenge participants of any fitness level.
Mon. 6:30-7:30pm
Fee: $60 Member $90 Nonmember

Family Night Out
Families invited to climb, try obstacles, and fitness. Enjoy fun, adventurous activities together.
Oct. 21, Nov 18., Dec. 23 Sat. 5:30pm-7:45pm
Fee: $30 Member $60 Nonmember

Ladies Night Out
Bring your friends, neighbors, sisters sharing your fav climb or obstacle or workout too!
3rd Wed. of every month.
Fee: $12 Day Pass


Oct 2- Nov 12
Partner up for prizes! Participate in the Buddy Fit Challenge and experience the added motivation and challenge working out or climbing or using the obstacle course with a partner provides. Sign in at the front desk with your workout buddy day you’re partner up – the three teams with the most workouts together from Oct. 2-Nov. 12 win prizes.
Fee: Free Members $17/Nonmember per buddy workout

Lititz recROC Warrior Team for Spartan Race

recROC is creating a team for an upcoming Spartan Sprint Race on October 7th at Citizens Bank Park.  Sign up for a ROCfit Warrior class and receive a code for 15% off the entry fee.


Private Lessons for Climbing or Obstacle Course!

A one on one training for climbing or obstacle course with an experienced professional. Your training will be developed according to your skill level. Learn technique, skills, and improve your performance.   Ages 8-Adult   Call for an appointment and start climbing!  717-626-5096 ext. 225
One hour lesson:  Member fee: $35   Nonmember fee: $50



Lititz recROC
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