recROC Membership Discounts Available

Already a LrC Member?  Receive 50% Discount – add a recROC Membership on to your LrC Membership for the following fees per month:
Individual (19 years +) $29      Family $46.50        Youth (under 19 years old) $15

Receive 25% Off  when you are a member of the Ephrata recCenter & Hempfield recCenter
Individual $43.50      Family $69.75
Receive 20% Off   Lititz recCenter Corporate Membership Participating Employer
Individual $46.40      Family $74.40
Receive 15% Off   Rock Lititz Community Partners
Individual $49.30      Family $79.05
Receive 10% Off   recCenters of Lancaster County (RCLC) Participating Employer
Individual $52.20      Family $83.70

Please bring a company ID to verify employment.

Membership Type Descriptions
Family Membership is considered a husband, wife, domestic partners, and their children.
Single parents and their children are considered a family.
Children under 23, living at home, are included on family.
Legal custody of a child maybe included in family.

Registration Requirements: Waiver 
All participants must sign a waiver.  Parents must sign a waiver for you if you are under the age of 18.
Participants under the age of 14 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult (18 years and older) at all times.
(See fees and waivers.  Speedy check-in when you complete the waiver before your first visit.)

Setting Up Membership Payment Information

*All Membership types begin the 1st of the month and are assessed a prorated dollar amount for the remainder of the month.
*All membership types are assessed a $50 joiner’s fee initially and if there is a lapse of membership more than 30 days.
*Only one membership discount per unit.

recROC EFT – Auto Pay Agreement
When purchasing a recROC Membership using the recROC EFT Auto Pay option, you are agreeing to a continuing month
to month membership.  Withdrawals will continue until we receive written notice to cancel.  A seven business day/30 day
written notice is required to cancel.  You will receive notification that the cancellation has been processed. If you do not receive notification it is your
responsibility to check with recROC that your original cancellation notification was received.  Members are drafted for a calendar month regardless of the date of the draft.
Members who wish to rejoin are advised that  a joiner’s fee will be assessed to all memberships that lapse for more than 30 days.
Fee changes for members using the recROC EFT Auto Pay option automatically go into effect July 1 of the current year.


To Update your billing method with us please complete the form below:.