Find the Parkour shoe for you!

Parkour Explore is one of our most popular youth programs at Lititz recROC! This unique sport combines jumping, climbing, flips, and much more in an urban setting. 

Due to the demanding physicality of the sport, it is necessary to outfit oneself with the proper equipment, as little as that may be! The first item to consider is footwear.  Proper footwear can make a huge difference and can also help to save money from the beginning.  Most of the time, when people do not look for the best shoes for parkour, they end up replacing their footwear repeatedly. Consequently, they tend to spend money more than saving. There is also the disadvantage of delaying your parkour sessions since you have to look for the right gear to ensure safety first.

While each individual may have differing personal preferences, there are a few guidelines to look at when evaluating what shoe is right for you!

First, look for a lower profile shoe.  This means that your shoe may not have a ton of cushioning, but a low sole height will prevent rolled ankles and also provide more balance when landing a jump.   Shoes typically labeled as ‘minimalist’ are a good place to start. Smaller soles will also create less weight, which is critical in parkour.  Softer soles are also necessary as they provide more grip and flexibility than hard soled shoes.

Next, look for proper fit.  Parkour shoes should only be worn while practicing for the sport so as to increase their longevity.  Don’t purchase shoes with ‘room to grow’ as this can create unbalance due to the foot slipping inside of the shoe.  Be sure to try on parkour shoes with a lightweight sock and make sure they are snug in the fit. 

Lastly, look at durability.  Soft soled shoes will inevitably wear out more quickly than hard soled shoes, so be sure to look for a higher quality sole.  The upper is also very important.  Be sure to choose a shoe that is made of various materials like leather, canvas, mesh, etc. and one that has heavy stitching.  Parkour is demanding! Make sure that you don’t short change your experience by purchasing the wrong gear.


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