Benefits of Summer Camps for kids!

Many of us have some sort of childhood memory of summer camp, but believe it or not, summer camps have many more benefits for kids than just providing a day care option for busy moms and dads.  Sports camps in particular, like the ones we offer at recROC can offer even more initially unseen benefits for children- especially for those in the pre-teen age range that might feel like a traditional summer camp is old news.  Here are some great bonuses that your children will receive when attending a LrC sports camp or Lititz recROC camp!

  1. Sports camps teach discipline.  Summer is typically a great time to goof off with friends and spend the day at the pool or beach, but the structure of a sports camp can add a layer of discipline that many children enjoy.  Much like the typical school day, sports camp can offer additional structure that many kids crave over the summer and it can help them more easily transition into the regular school year schedule.
  2. Summer camps can be another key in fighting childhood obesity.  Sports camps offer a fun but structured few hours of activities that can be essential and provide an alternative to spending long hours on electronic devices or in front of the television or computer.
  3. Sports camps can be a great place to learn a new skill! During the school year there may be intense pressure on children to compete for their specific school or club team, but a summer camp can bring the fun back to sports.  At recROC we teach a combination of bouldering, obstacle course racing, body weight training, cardio, and our kids even compete in a mini mud run! What could be more fun!
  4. Sports camps are fun and a great place to meet new friends.  Most sports camps are smaller groups than many day or overnight camps and children have time to spend with other children who are excited about the same activities.  Common interest is a great way to foster friendships, no matter what age!

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