Are you a slow and steady or a speed climber?

Speed of Climbing. Some climbers are slow and deliberate and have a static technique. Some climbing fast using a dynamic climbing technique. Both types of climbing can be considered good rock climbing technique. For the most part, climbing moves that are dynamic and require a lot of upper body, grip and arm strength should be completed quickly.  Dynamic climbers should also plan moves and routes in advance before attempting a climb.  Get through the moves quickly to save your upper body, and use the momentum to help place your body mass at the dead point. Moves which are primarily static, with balance centered on body mass, small hand and foot holds should be done slowly, deliberately and carefully using your legs to support your weight, and arms to hold you in place. This type of movement allows a climber to create a route in real time.  Again, this is generally the case, but there are many variations to this basic technique. It is more important to adapt your style to make best use of your abilities.  Amount of strength should also be considered.  You can always refine your climbing style as you gain more experience!

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